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Please fund my weather assembly program that will benefit grades 5-8

Magnificent Meteorologist and His Mobile Weather Assembly .




The Scientific Method in action video by AW. Click the link.




"The art of teaching is the act of assisting discovery." ~ Mark van Doren 




                              I hope your child will enjoy exciting experiments and dazzling discoveries through a 

                              cooperative learning atmosphere.  My goal is help students understand that science is a 

                              part of their everyday lives and I want them to think like scientists.  











Science Fair


April 10, 2019

      7:00 PM      


  • Homework is given Monday - Thursday
  • Labs and Journals 30% - Labs are assigned according to the topic.  Journals are used everyday for science starters, notes, and lab information.
  • Quizzes 30%  - Once or twice a week.  The quizzes are from vocabulary terms and Brainpop videos.
  • Tests and Projects 40% -  Two or three tests are given during a marking period.  Projects are assigned according to our units.  Usually one or two during a marking period.   



Science Practices:

  1. Asking questions and defining problems
  2. Planning and carrying out investigations
  3. Developing and using models
  4. Engaging in argument
  5. Analyzing and interpreting data
  6. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information
  7. Using matematical computational thinking
  8. Constructing explanations and designing solutions