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Mrs. McCrary

4th Grade Math and Science 


Hi, pals! I am missing all of you so much, and I'm thinking about you every day. Please email me if you need help with your work or if you just want to say hi. I will be pumped to hear from you! 






Math During School Closure:

I have provided a packet that is available online in Google Classroom and in paper at the school office. The page numbers in the packet are not sequential because I have pulled work from two different books. As you progress through the weeks, I will post new links on my website and Google Classroom. Additionally, in the packet there is a parent letter before every new concept. I will post the answer key to all work for the week on Friday afternoon. 


Math Packet


Math 3/30 - 4/3



1. Complete pg 269-272. This week you are continuing to convert measurements from larger to smaller units using multiplication. The assignments have gotten a little bit longer, but you are more familiar with the concept. 

2. Get a green light in Reflex! 




 I am planning on having a Google Meet on this day so we can learn together. The Google Meet will be from 2:00-2:30. The link to join the Google Meet will be posted in Google Classroom at 2:00. Please have your math work done before the Meet and come with any questions that you have. 

1. Complete pg 273-276.  

2. Join me for the Google Meet at 2:00. 




1. You have a Quizlet to work in. Please start by using Learn to make sure you know all of the measurements you have been working with. Once you have mastered all of the measurements, you can do the other Quizlet activities.

2. Complete pg 255 - 256. 

3. You have a Flipgrid prompt to answer! Come talk to me!



1. There will be a Socrative that will be live all day so you can get some feedback on your understanding. The room name is MCCRARY2782.



No math today. This will give everybody some wiggle room if there's a day that they haven't been able to complete. I will post the answer key in the afternoon. 


To get to your grid: Click Enter a Flipcode in the upper left corner. Read the prompt and record your video. You can respectfully comment on your friends' videos, and I would love for you to comment on mine. 


McCrary Homeroom: mccrary6258

Booth Homeroom: mccrary6271

Bales Homeroom: mccrary2236


Your AR password is your Flipgrid password. 



 Measurement and Data.pdf 



Science During School Closure: 

Y'all. Basically your science isn't changing. Whoop, whoop! You have the same packet for your new unit that you usually have. You can access it in Google Classroom and there are paper packets in the office. You will use this one packet for the whole unit. 


During our new unit we are learning about the relationship between the structures of living things and their function to keep the organism living. 


Science 3/30 - 4-3



1. Get ready to learn how plants stay alive! Complete Narrative Station 1 for Plant Structures.   



1. Complete Narrative Station 2 for Plant Structures. I will post the answers for both Narrative Stations in Google Classroom on Tuesday afternoon. 



1. Complete the Science Skills Station. Only do the lab, don't do the Summary Questions. You will need to have a flowering plant that you can take apart and observe closely. Make sure you talk to an adult before you take anything out of the ground! 



1. Complete the Science Skills Station Summary questions. You have a Flipgrid prompt to respond to. Go show us the plant that you observed!  



No science today. This will give everybody some wiggle room if there's a day that they haven't been able to complete. I will post the answer key in the afternoon. 


  Life Science Packet.pdf