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Please return the permission slip for the 5th Grade class trip to Hopatcong State Park as soon as possible.


Ogdensburg Public School: Fifth Grade Class Trip



The fifth grade class trip will be on Monday, June 3, 2019  We will be traveling to Hopatcong State Park to learn about Lake Hopatcong, lake ecology and the importance of water for life on earth.


We will be leaving the school at approximately 8:45 A.M. and returning to the school at approximately 2:15 P.M.  


Students will enjoy a discovery hike through Hopatcong State Park and board the floating classroom for hands-on learning about lake ecology and water quality which will include testing for water quality with secchi disks; measuring pH levels, dissolved oxygen, and temperature; and viewing water samples through microscopes to see live phytoplankton according to their website.


Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the cost of the trip.  This year’s cost per student or chaperone is $22.00 in cash or check made payable to the school.  The permission slip and money is due on or before Monday, April 15, 2019. Please contact Mrs. McGuire if you have any questions or concerns at: 973-827-7126,


Parents are expected to pick up their own children after the trip.  If you plan to have someone else bring your child home, please send me a note by the morning of the trip.










5th Grade-Study your squares

6th Grade-Study Formulas

7th -Grade Study Formulas



We are studying...


5th Grade: Volume(Topic 10)

6th Grade: Surface Area and Volume(Topic 14)

7th Grade: Surface Area and Volume(Topic 13)






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