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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does my child login to Google Classroom? 
All students should have a piece of colored paper stapled into the cover of their planners with their Google Classroom login. If not, I can look up their login and send it to you through email. We have used Google Classroom sporadically throughout the year. 


2. Where do I turn the work in? 

I am not asking anybody to submit work to me. We are not taking grades during this time of school closure, and I know that some students don't have access to a computer. I will post the answers to the work, and please email me directly with any specific questions that you or your child has. 


3. Will this work be graded? 

Nope! I am not sure what will happen with grades or report cards for this last quarter, so my main concern is getting feedback to you so you/your child can monitor your learning. 


4. What if I don't finish something? 
My intention in posting this work is to stay connected to my students and provide a pathway for them to continue learning. Please do not feel any pressure to complete this work. I think the learning we do in Room 113 is VERY important, but it is possible that you have concerns that are much more grave than 4th grade math and science.