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Math 3/18 - 3/20

Wednesday: Complete pg 272, 273. If you aren't a Math Ninja, get a green light in Reflex. 


Thursday: Complete pg 283, 284. There will be a Socrative that will be live all day so you can get some feedback on your understanding. The room name is MCCRARY2782.


Friday: Complete pg 287, 288. Go to Flipgrid and record a response to the prompt. You can also leave some comments on your classmates' responses!


To get to your grid: Click Enter a Flipcode in the upper left corner. Read the prompt and record your video. You can respectfully comment on your friends' videos, and I would love for you to comment on mine. 


McCrary Homeroom: mccrary6258

Booth Homeroom: mccrary6271

Bales Homeroom: mccrary2236


 Measurement and Data.pdf



Science 3/18 - 3/20

Wednesday: Complete Narrative Station Activity 1.  


Thursday: Complete Narrative Station Activity 2. 


Friday: Complete Science Skills Station #1-5. Don't do the summary questions today! There are four situations that you will be describing, and it's a lot of work. 


  Life Science Packet.pdf