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The first marking period is coming to a close! The last day of the marking period will be November 1st, and report cards will be available November 5th. Parent-teacher conferences will be held November 6th and 7th.


I'm trying to give students no more than 20 minutes of math homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. I would like students to focus and try to do the homework every day - this is their practice of skills taught. My homework is posted on the website every day. A link to the EnVision Math website can be found to the left. This website can help with homework and any math questions students may have.


Our middle school expectations:  

1. Complete all homework and classwork on time.


2.  Practice for tests.


3. Memorize required information (facts and material).


4.  Participate in class.


5.  Maintain focus during class.


6. Always give your best effort.


7.  Be prepared with all materials each day.


8.  Persevere on complicated problems.