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Please consult my web page for long-term assignment information as well as basic classroom news. Daily homework is posted on the homework calendar. 


 School Supply List 


Vocabulary quizzes are given every Friday of a full, scheduled week. 

Interactive online vocabulary activities are available by visiting :

6th grade is using level A

7th grade is using level B

8th grade is using level C





The independent reading book should be in school each Friday. It should be at least 150 pages of mostly text and at a sixth grade ( or above) reading level. The book must also be approved by your parents.


 Grade 8




Grade 7





Grade 6





 Book Review Guidelines.docx  





1. Complete all homework and class work on time.

2.  Practice for tests.

3. Memorize the required information (facts and material).

4.  Participate in class.

5.  Maintain focus during class.

6. Always give your best effort.

7.  Be prepared with all the materials each day.

8.  Persevere on complicated problems.




Please check the grade portal.  It will be kept as current as possible.


All classes will be using the 6+1 Traits to develop their writing skills: Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Voice, Conventions,  Fluency, and Presentation.


We will use the MLA format for research citation and submission organization.

You can contact me at 973-827-7126 extension 206

or send me an email at