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Welcome to Ms. Cooke's Resource Center




Summer is half over and I hope that you have started your summer reading!! See you in September!


I hope you all have set up a routine that is easy to follow. Set a time and routine for the following to continue helping your child be the best!

  • -check to make sure homework is finished and done correctly each night
  • -look over each interactive notebook with your child to ensure   understanding
  • -quiz schedule is every the above and your child will do fine
  • -sleep schedule is maintained to provide 10 - 12 hours sleep (or more!)
  • -breakfast is eaten and a healthy snack is included (we have a long   morning!)

Contact me if anything seems out of the ordinary, we can work together to find out how to make it better.


Please be sure to check folders for reading notebook each night. Comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar will be tested at the end of each week. Take a few minutes to review each current page with your child and sign the homework sheet as reviewed. Math homework will be assigned each night but quizzes or tests may not be weekly. Be sure to return the books EVERY DAY! Together we will make this year count!!


Read Daily!! 15 minutes is a minimum.

The best way to contact me is: 

973-827-7126 ext 210



Please do not leave messages on voicemail that need to be addressed right away, there are times I do not check until after children have left for the day. Call the main office and Mrs. Gengaro will get the message to me.

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